5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Custom Gaming Controllers


For those who love playing games, you can do a lot of things to achieve maximum entertainment from the game. One of such thing is having a custom controller, something that is changing the world of games. Individuals specializing in the personalization of the controllers are trying to make all sort of changes to controllers.

Custom gaming controllers are currently on a very high demand. The Xbox custom controller and the ps4 custom controller are some of such controllers.

Why are so many people into these custom controllers? Here are the possible reasons why many gamers are falling in love with custom controllers:


The gadgets you are using to play the game determines how excited you will be when playing the game. If the person playing the game is using controllers that they prefer, there is a high probability the gamer will have a better experience.


Speed is a very important aspect when it comes to games.You will need to be swift to take action or else your opponent will win. The major benefit of custom gaming controllers is that they come with control features that allow gamers to make a fast response.

Superior performance

You can modify the internal circuitry of the controller to enhance the performance of the controller such as making it reload faster and shoot faster. A controller that is ready to execute the gamers action as soon as possible is what every gamer is looking for. Custom controllers come with superior performance as their circuitry are usually altered to match the user’s expectation.

Custom case

Controller cases come with different feel and texture. There are gamers who will go for those cases that offer a lot of friction. Some people will prefer those cases that don’t have rough surfaces.

Gamers whose hands sweat a lot while playing games will need something to keep them comfortable. A controller case that has some fur on its surface will come in handy for gamers who sweat a lot.

Personalized thumb-sticks

The average pressure applied by a game player goes as high as 55 pounds in every square inch of the surface of the controller. The gamer will have a huge advantage when using thumb-sticks that can survive that level of abuse. You can make some improvement to the thumb-stick to make it tolerant to high pressure. Thumb-sticks wear out very fast and therefore, it is reasonable to upgrade them to prevent this from happening.

Custom controllers are currently in high demand. As many gamers seek for a quality gaming experience, the demand is set to continue rising even more. Custom controllers come with a lot of advantages over the traditional controllers. The surprising thing about this is that most custom controllers do not cost a lot of money. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_controller  for more information.


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